5-star private island resort in Maldives

: Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives | : 55 minutes domestic flight and 50 minutes speed boat away from Male

Ayada Maldives is an excellent retreat for travel goers seeking the heavenly beauty of tropical paradise. It is a 5-star luxury private island resort in the Maldives located on the most beautiful tropical side of the Southern Maldives. The resort offers a luxurious retreat to honeymoon couples, families, and solo travelers to unwind luxury and relaxations under 122 spacious villas and suites with having private pools, butler service, and 5-star level comfort inside. It also offers direct access to white sandy beaches; indulge in several outdoor activities, and experience rejuvenation at the award-winning AySpa.

A luxury resort in Maldives, Ayada Maldives is strategically located on the southern grim of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the Southern Maldives region. The magnificent resort is only a 55-min domestic flight and 50-min speed boat distance away from the Male City.

Come to the heavenly beauty of this couple’s special and family-friendly resort in Maldives. Stretched across 15-hectare of area, find uninterrupted tropical paradise, green vegetation, private island experience, breathtaking view of Maldivian landscape, and the smooth island breeze of the Indian Ocean.

Ayada Maldives is an exotic dining paradise for travelers coming from all across the globe. The resort has 8 different dining outlets with each offering unique cuisine and a magnificent dining experience inside or outside. One of the most talked-about features of Ayada Maldives Resort is an authentic dining experience for all the guests. The resort has its own gardens and farms to grow fresh veggies and ingredients to offer unique wine & cheesy pleasure to guests.

Not to forget the incredible memories created at Ayada Maldives Resort. There is an extensive list of activities and excursions offered by the resort. Get indulge in the never-ending fun of outdoor water sports, go on a sunset cruise, island excursion, beach dining, beach wedding, fishing trips, and more.

  • 9 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.


Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Royal Ocean Suite

Ayada Maldives Royal Ocean Suite

Ocean View | Water Villa | Private pool

An incredibly luxurious over-water suite that has a master bedroom with a private bathroom, living area, pantry area, and world-class amenities inside. A huge wooden sundeck with a hammock is an added attraction of the ocean suite to experience celebrity

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Sunset Ocean Family Suite

Ayada Maldives Sunset Ocean Family Suite

Ocean View | Water Villa | Private pool

Spacious and ultra-luxurious, the Sunset Ocean suite is an ideal retreat for families to stay over the Indian Ocean water. The suite has a private pool, direct access to the ocean water, two bedrooms, one master bedroom, an en-suite full bathroom, and mor

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Beach Villa

Ayada Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa | Private pool

Ideally placed on the white sandy beach stretches with palm-fringed greenery all around. The beachfront villa offers both relaxation and an exquisite way to look at the oceanic beauty. There is a private pool and outdoor plunge area for guests.

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Sunset Ocean Suite

Ayada Maldives Sunset Ocean Suite

Ocean View | Water Villa | Private pool

Offering an absolute level of comfort and luxury to honeymoon couples and solo travelers. Overwater rooms, spacious, fine amenities, direct access to the ocean water, and other world-class facilities inside.

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Sunset Lagoon Suite

Ayada Maldives Sunset Lagoon Suite

Ocean View | Water Villa | Private pool

Get the magic view of the lagoon at the sunset lagoon suite featuring both the outdoor terrace over the ocean and a suite combining unique features and amenities. Catch the direct rays of the sun or dip in the cool and refreshing water of the ocean at any

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Ocean Villa With Pool

Ayada Maldives Ocean Villa With Pool

Ocean View | Water Villa | Private pool

Strategically placed over the water-villas is an ideal pick for isolated contemplation and experiencing solace in the tropical beauty. Rest on the ocean hammock looking at the ocean paradise or take a refreshing dip in the private pool.

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Sunset Beach Suite

Ayada Maldives Sunset Beach Suite

Sunset Side | Beach Villa | Private pool

A remarkable beachfront suite with spacious rooms, luxurious amenities, and optimum space for all. Sit around the private outdoor terrace to unwind relaxation or go into the private pool to feel refreshed. The suite is best for a private romantic dinner f

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Beach Suite

Ayada Maldives Beach Suite

Beach Villa | Private pool

Ideal for families to spend some quality time together under the realm of nature, direct access to the beach, and oceanic beauty around. There are interconnected villas here for large families to stay comfortably.

Ayada Maldives Ayada Maldives Garden Villa

Ayada Maldives Garden Villa

Beach Villa | Private pool

A perfect retreat for guests looking to stay near the lush greenery and natural beauty all around. Set in the middle of the tropical garden, this villa is best for families and couples. Villas are well-furnished with modern-day amenities.

Dining At Ayada Maldives

One of the best luxury resorts in Maldives i.e., Ayada Maldives brings up an exotic pleasure of culinary experience for all sorts of travelers looking for a lip-smacking meal. Have your own pick from any of the 8 dining authentic choices to taste the delectable pleasure at your course.


Breakfast: 12:00 - 15:00, Dinner: 19:00 - 22:00

An open side restaurant is perfectly settled on the theme of ocean having a life-size model of a ship and magnificent view of the sea around. Sit inside the tempting and refreshing environment and savour the pleasure of delectable dining.

Ayada Maldives - Ocean Breeze


Open: 9:00 - Till Late, Lunch: 12:00 - 18:00

A bar and a restaurant combined, Zero Degree is a poolside retreat for travellers looking to have a chilling and resting time. Choose from a variety of European, Asian, and Middle East menu options to satiate the hunger.

Ayada Maldives - Zero Degree


Open: 19:30 - 22:00

Ideal location on the Zero Degree beach where you have the pleasure of tasting mouth watering BBQ best prepared under the light of the stars. Sit on the beach having our table filled with presentable dishes prepared right in front of you.

Ayada Maldives - Sea Salt


Breakfast: 7:00 - 10:30, Dinner: 19:00 - 22:00

Ayada Maldives ideal breakfast spot is Magu calling travellers to satiate the desire for day’s first meal. Choose your own pick out of many options available out here.

Ayada Maldives - Magu


Dinner: 19:00 - 22:00

Go for this extraordinary eating place in Maldives resort and taste the pleasure of Asian dishes. Situated best amidst the tropical beauty and lush greenery around.

Ayada Maldives - Kai


On the beach | On a Dhoni | Pagoda | In your villa

As the name itself implies, private dining is ideal setting for romantic and honeymoon couples in Maldives. Come here to spend quality time while having the pleasure of best prepared seafood and other authentic dishes.

Ayada Maldives - ILE DE JOIE


On Request

A Japanese restaurant like Mizu is ideally set up to offer a different taste of culinary experience to all the travellers. Sit in the open field beach side avenue & eat authentic sushi, miso soup and more.

Ayada Maldives - Mizu


Open: 18:00 - 23:00

This is an over-water eating area for travellers not just to eat favourable dishes but also overlooking the extravagant views of the ocean and just enjoy the moment.

Ayada Maldives - ILE DE JOIE


Open: 15:00 - 22:00

Come here to experience the unbeatable pleasure of Turkish style tea, coffee, beverages, and authentic snacks of the same region. Quite a different avenue for Maldives travellers.

Ayada Maldives - Ottoman Lounge


Ayada Maldives - Excursions At Ayada Maldives


Outdoor fun and entertainment never go lost in Maldives. Come here for a memorable fishing pleasure in the middle of the sea and catch your own meal. Sea boat ride is another entertaining pleasure for beachgoers here.

Ayada Maldives - Water Sports

Water Sports

Feel the pump of adventurous blood flowing in veins when resort to scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, and other related sports out here. Let the outdoor fun be never go decrease over here.

Ayada Maldives - Surfing


The pleasure of adrenaline pumping surfing activity has no match here at Ayada Maldives. Just turn out to the endless limits of the sea and surf on the reigning waves to showcase the best level of energetic appeal to others.

Ayada Maldives - Diving


If longing to see what lies behind the surface of the Indian Ocean sea water in Maldives, then get yourself prepared for an unmatched diving pleasure. Take necessary lessons from the experts and dive deep down inside the ocean to witness numerous species.


The AyadaMaldive’s AYSPA is a majestic and soothing retreat for travellers seeking for a traditional massage and treatment. Come under the cooling realm of 3,500 sqm spa of Maldives and get relief from all the ache and discomfort.


Romance package of Ayada Maldives is what could be your romantic gift to beloved partner. How about saying I do on the majestic beachfront and let all the nature behind be your ideal witness. Be prepared for a wedding ceremony here.

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