Joali Maldives

A Place for Joy of Living

: Raa Atoll, Maldives | : 45 minute seaplane flight from Velana International Airport

Joali Maldives could be your next stopping destination for a much-awaited honeymoon in Maldives or deliberately attain that vacation pleasure at a paradise filled with insane tropical beauty. Get lost in the white sandy azore of beaches where brimming sound of waves and clear water catch the eyesight at a first glance. Feel the power of cool breeze while indulging in a range of activities in the middle of the Maldives beaches and create memories that last for long.

  • 9 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.


Joali Maldives - Beach Villa with Pool

Beach Villa with Pool
Epitome of luxury and water around

680 sqm | Private Pool | Beachfront

Joali Maldives - Luxury Beach Villa with Pool

Luxury Beach Villa with Pool
Bring on the pleasure of sophisticated stay

865 sqm | Private Pool | Beachfront

Joali Maldives - Water Villa with Pool

Water Villa with Pool
Feel the presence of Indian Ocean at close sight

240 sqm | Private Pool | Overwater Villa

Joali Maldives - Luxury Water Villa with Pool

Luxury Water Villa with Pool
Experience the presence of real set of luxury

280 sqm | Private Pool | Overwater Villa

Joali Maldives - Sunset Water Villa

Sunset Water Villa
Stay like a true celebrity

280 sqm | Private Pool | Overwater Villa

Joali Maldives - Sunset Luxury Water Villa

Sunset Luxury Water Villa
Look at the shinning sunset in the lap of luxury

280 sqm | Private Pool | Overwater Villa

Joali Maldives - Family Beach Villa with Two Pools

Family Beach Villa with 2 Pools
Comfort is promised for all

940 sqm | Private Pool | Beachfront

Joali Maldives - Three Bedroom Ocean Residence with 2 Pools

3 Bedroom Ocean Residence
Magnificence is best reflected here

990 sqm | Private Pool | Overwater Villa

Joali Maldives - Four Bedroom Beach Residence with Pool

Four Bedroom Beach Residence
Beach side luxury stay

1200 sqm | Private Pool | Beachfront

Culinary Arts

Joali Maldives - Vandhoo Restaurant


Vandhoo Restaurant offers a uniquely planned eating knowledge incorporating South East Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Levant foods. Uncommon topic suppers, unrivaled breakfast spreads, and workmanship vivid experiential feasting decisions are only a couple of the choices accessible at Vandhoo.

Joali Maldives - Her Kitchen

Her Kitchen

Her Kitchen is a customized culinary encounter for you to learn and appreciate delectable dinners. With Her Kitchen, you can cook nearby plans with experienced culinary experts and experience the delight of cooking without the bombed formula endeavors right the sumptuous surroundings of an expert café kitchen.

Joali Maldives - Lajoie


Our high quality chocolate and frozen yogurt store is here for you and the children to satisfy all your sweet desires. Regardless of whether you lean toward the invigorating taste of organic products, the exquisite taste of severe chocolate or the sweet taste of vanilla the Joali Chocolate and Ice Cream Store offers the ideal treat spot for your island experience.

Joali Maldives - Saoke


Widely acclaimed café designer NoriyoshiMuramatsu structured this unmistakably Japanese eatery. Its parlor offers the most mind boggling perspectives making it ideal for private informal breakfasts and weddings.

Joali Maldives - The Mura Bar

The Mura Bar

The Mura Bar ignores a magnificent shoreline and pool that meets the ocean making unending shimmering shades of blue. The cabanas and endlessness units offer enough space for everybody to unwind and its menu offers delicious bites.

Joali Maldives - Lajoie

Destination Dining

Envision having the option to have the enhancements and cooking of an eatery in the solace of your room. Beach feasting offers the alternative to have delicious, expertly made dishes on the evenings you would prefer to remain in.

joys of joali

Joali Maldives - Excursions


From yachting to meeting the baffling manta beams and magnificent whales each journey is an experience that is holding on to be yours. Ever wonder how local people live?

Joali Maldives - Water Sports

Water Sports

From water skiing to employing a speedboat, speed on water is a possibility for the individuals who need to add a little energy to their island life. Appreciate the lavish, unending shades of emerald and turquoise while parasailing or wakeboarding.

Joali Maldives - Island Sports

Island Sports

Sufficiently bright courts are prepared to have the most loose just as the most testing tennis match-ups alongside a large group of astonishing games anticipate all who need to sweat.

Unique Moments

Joali Maldives - Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

Here at JOALI Maldives, our convention is to be as flighty as our upbeat couple needs us to be. Offer what's at the forefront of your thoughts and see your creative mind wake up.

Joali Maldives - Honeymoon


Set out for sentimental minutes on the water with our specially craft boats, called dhonis. Envision setting out at dawn with an excursion crate loaded up with a morning meal feast or a sentimental nightfall trip.

kids of joali

Joali Maldives - Treasure Hunts


As a child on an island, one can't resist the opportunity to ponder about fortunes. In this way, here at Joali, there are Treasure Hunts for children to enjoy their minds and find nature through a fantastical storyline.

Joali Maldives - Junior Chefs


Cooking requires inventiveness and vitality and no one has a greater amount of these characteristics than children. Our Kid-Friendly Kitchen and an alongside a little direction is ideal for visiting youthful cooks who wish to make craftsmanship in the kitchen.

Joali Maldives - Kids Spa


It is significant for kids to learn self esteem and our own consideration space offers a spot where they can serenely appreciate an assortment of approaches to express their character and style.

wellness in joali

Joali Maldives - JOALI SPA BY ESPA


The comprehensively known Espa Spa offers customized medicines for a definitive spa experience , leaving you feeling revived, renewed and excellent. JOALI spa by ESPA's novel mark medicines will totally reestablish your body's imperativeness and energy, opening your inward delight.

Joali Maldives - Fitness Experiences


At Joali Maldives, wellness is an attitude. What's more, working out is considerably more charming in the Maldives! With its amazing perspectives neglecting the precious stone sea and rich green foliage, our wellness focus on the subsequent floor offers an indoor exercise involvement with the core of nature.