: Raa Atoll, Maldives | : 45 minute ride by seaplane from Male airport

Dhigali Maldives is the brand new address for complete relaxation and peaceful charm in front of coastal beauty around. The resort is strategically located in the midst of the Indian Ocean around with a view to bringing the appeal of freshness, untamed coastal beauty, freshness, peace, and tranquility. Get your feet to land on the coastal paradise of Maldives and book a luxurious stay at Dhigali Maldives in the company of near and dear ones around.

A luxury hideaway located in the coral cay in the Raa Atoll, Dhigali Maldives promises an unforgettable staying experience. An all-inclusive family-friendly resort in the Maldives is a complete island in itself surrounded by crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, tropical lush greenery, white sandy beach, and overwater bungalows, luxurious villas in the midst of greenery, and beach located accommodation.

Book Dhigali Maldives resort packages to experience the never-ending tropical bliss, excitement, fun, activities, and more. We are here to offer the best in life travel experience to the magnificent Maldives. Come here to get indulged in nature retreats, fine dining, kids’ activities, water sports, island excursions, tropical experiences, and much more.

  • 8 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.

Villas & Bunglows

Dhigali Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa

Stay in front of the beach under the lap of luxury

Dhigali Maldives Deluxe Beach Bungalow

Deluxe Beach Bungalow

Find a great balance between architecture and great comfort here

Dhigali Maldives Dhigali Suite

Dhigali Suite

A complete suite for the whole family finding great comfort around

Dhigali Maldives Water Villas

Water Villas

Unbeatable scenery of endless sea and turquoise water around

Wine & Dine

Dhigali Maldives - Battuta Signature Restaurant


Lunch: 10am - 6pm | Dinner: 7pm - 10pm

A special set of place created for the widest exploration from North Africa to the Middle East and the Southern Asia. Come here to taste rich culinary delight prepared by professional experts.

Dhigali Maldives - East Baar

East Baar

Open 10:00 - 00:00

A completely admirable place to spend quality time with loved ones under the roof of relaxation. Try out different snacks and beverages and sit beside the tempting pool in the late evening.

Dhigali Maldives - Café


Open 10:00 - 17:00

A perfect standout place to satiate the desire of small hunger at its best. Maldives special zone of eating place is here to offer international level of cuisines and lip-smacking range of coffee to bring your senses to high spirits.

Dhigali Maldives - Capers Buffet Restaurant


Breakfast 6:30 - 10:30 | Dinner 19:00 - 22:00

A highly sophisticated dining place of Maldives is here to offer international level of cuisines. A healthy breakfast in the morning along with morning hues sure to capture your attention at a glance. Simply begin your day’s appetite with this perfect spot.

Dhigali Maldives - Jade All-Day Dinning


Dinner: 19:00 - 23:00

If you are longing for an eating place along with majestic view of the ocean, then Jade is the best place to look for. An ideal hub for tasting excellent range of snacks and fusion flavours are the speciality of this particular spot that sure to catch your attention at a glance.

Dhigali Maldives - Haali Baar


Open 10:00 - 00:00

Haali, Dhigali's sunset bar, shapes itself into the tropical green like a bird's nest at the west end of the island. It is the perfect place to order a cocktail + watch the evening sun colouring the tip of the island whilst creating breath-taking views of the sky + the sea.

Recreation + Experiences

Dhigali Maldives - Diving + Water Sports

Diving + Water Sports

Fun and adventure have a brand new address at the Dhigali Maldives. A wide array of adventurous activities are ready to capture your attention at a first glance. Dive down beneath the beautiful surface of the earth to see lies underwater.

Dhigali Maldives - Kids Club

Kids Club

A special set of adventurous and playing zone is a favourite delight for all the kids out there. Playing activities and learning excursions are part and parcel of the zone especially designed for children.

Dhigali Maldives - Excursions + Experiences + Fitness

Excursions + Experiences + Fitness

Excursion is a part of the coastal paradise of Maldives. A state of the art equipped fitness centre is a central spot to keep your body goes energetic and fine.


Dhigali Maldives - Dhigali Spa

Dhigali Spa

Head up for a peaceful ambiance at the majestic location of Dhigali Spa here in Maldives. Get your senses level to the highest level by receiving tempting spa treatment from the hands of professional experts. The Ayurvedic range of treatments are especially offered to keep your mind, body and soul to the maximum relaxation level.

Dhigali Maldives - Yoga


Another special zone of relaxation for all the visitors is the specified Yoga centre. Come here to try out different yoga postures and keep your senses to a highest level.

Maldives-Booking - Single Best Place to Book Dhigali Resort Travel Package

Make way for the most beautiful tropical paradise on the planet earth. A magnificent city strategically located on the crystal blue water of the Indian Ocean. Book the Dhigali Maldives resort package with us to fulfill your wish to feel a celebrity-like travel experience. We offer most-sought-after resort packages of Dhigali Maldives to travelers coming from different geographical directions. We offer a customized set of resort packages to meet the personal requirements of families, romantic couples, corporate groups, and solo travelers. Get in touch with us to discuss your travel needs and let us fulfill the same.

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