: North Male, Atoll, Maldives | : 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives international airport

Taking a fascinating 25-minute ride of a speedboat from Maldives International Airport will take you to the world of oceanic heaven and let you stay for a while at extravagant looking Baros Maldives. This is a world on its own filled with the magnificent beauty of soft white powdery sand, turquoise and blue crystal water, tropical lush greenery, and a reason to stay long in the company of loved ones in the Maldives. Since 1973, the resort in the Maldives has welcomed numerous travellers strolling here from different parts of the globe and finding paralleled beauty in every single direction.

Come to Baros Maldives resort for experiencing an unbeatable honeymoon travel pleasure to an optimum extent. Especially for newly wedded couples, the resort offers a true bliss of activities, romantic dining on the beach, private villas with a pool, outdoor sitting areas to gaze at the sea, and much more to experience a complete set of luxury.

Rely on Baros Maldives travel package available at an affordable price to meet Maldives travel requirements with ease and comfort. Rely on the resort to enhance your first travel experience together as a spouse.

  • 8 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas

Baros Maldives - Baros Residence

Baros Residence

Hear the sound of splashing water and thunderous air while staying on a white sandy beach..

WiFi | Private pool | Beachfront

2 Adults + 2 Children; or 3 Adults
268 sqm

Baros Maldives - Baros Suites

Baros Suites

This is something of heavenly feel when you have luxury prevailed in every single direction.

WiFi | Private pool | Villa Host service

2 Adults + 2 Children; or 3 Adults
200 sqm

Baros Maldives - Water Pool Villa

Water / Water Pool Villa

Admire the beauty of the Indian Ocean every single second by staying luxuriously above lagoons.

WiFi | Private pool | Water villa

2 Adults + 2 Children; or 3 Adults
92 sqm / 126 sqm

Baros Maldives - Baros Premium Pool Villas

Baros Premium Pool Villas

Let the lush greenery compliment the rustic.

WiFi | Private pool | Beachfront

2 Adults + 2 Children; or 3 Adults
160 sqm

Baros Maldives - Baros Pool Villas

Baros / Baros Pool Villas

Bring luxury to a maximum level with this.

WiFi | Private garden | Beachfront

2 Adults + 2 Children
103 sqm / 134 sqm

Baros Maldives - Deluxe Villas

Deluxe Villas

Bring deluxe stature to stay on the island.

WiFi | Beach Villa | Villa Host service

2 Adults + 1 Children
89 sqm

Dining At Baros

Dinner at Baros Island Maldives bring a pleasure of serene experience while admiring the beauty of the sea.

Cayenne Grill

Al fresco by the sea

Drift away with the feeling of grilling and viewing endless water everywhere while sitting atop the lagoon restaurant.

Baros Maldives - Cayenne Grill

The Lighthouse Restaurant

A beacon of enchanting flavours

An iconic location to taste those brilliant delicacies of the island.

Baros Maldives - The Lighthouse Restaurant

Lime Restaurant

Lavish lagoon-side dining

Let there be beauty prevailed and words of temptation spread out of mouth.

Baros Maldives - Lime Restaurant

Sails Bar

A place among the palms

Hold your drink in the Sails Bar and make social connections go strong.

Baros Maldives - Sails Bar

The Lighthouse Lounge

Spellbinding sundowners

Enjoy the rise and fall of sunset while being in the lounge area.

Baros Maldives - The Lighthouse Lounge

Destination Dining

Enchanting culinary adventures

Bang on the beach of Maldives dining is a concept that is only to be found here.

Baros Maldives - Destination Dining


Baros Maldives - Baros Excursions

Baros Excursions

Breathtaking Baros journeys

Explore the world of Maldives ocean beauty all around when you sail on a speedboat and cross the heavy crystal blue water of the sea. Admire, click and view the amazing things all around.

Baros Maldives - Renewal Of Vows

Renewal Of Vows

Your moment of magic

Let the romance be in the air and in the sea as well. Just say I do once again or the very first time while admiring the wedding decoration which is bang on the beach of Maldives.

Baros Maldives - Serenity Spa

Serenity Spa

Immerse Yourself In Blissful Baros Moments

Feel tempted and enchanted while receiving the majestic treatment of spa and beauty rituals. Enter the world of wellness and go under the soft hands of professional experts to rejuvenate self and find all new way of exploring the island further.

Serenity Spa features :

  • Four private spa suites for couple treatments
  • Two changing rooms, toilet and steam bath in every private suite
  • Relaxation area outside every private suite – rainfall shower, bathtub in a tropical garden
  • Manicure and pedicure suite
  • Spa Boutique, Reception and lounge
  • Relaxation sala & Thai sala
  • Air-conditioned Yoga Pavilion

Underwater at Baros


Dive through the colourful and blissful habitats of coral reefs and exploring the nature of fishes as well.


Go deep down the waters to explore life around which is altogether different and magnificent to see before the naked eyes.


Splash on the water of the sea with an array of water sports. Bring that pleasure to an optimum level.

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