: North Male Atoll, Maldives | : 50 minutes away by speedboat from Male International Airport

OBLU Select at Sangeli Maldives is one of the most profound and exotic tropical paradise resorts of the popular brand Atmosphere Hotel & Resorts. The luxurious resort strategically located at the brilliant and appealing shores of the Indian Ocean offers a magnificent level of leisure retreat and experience of a lifetime to couples looking forward to a honeymoon in Maldives.

The five-star resort in the Maldives is the epitome of unbeatable luxury, the finest location on a majestic island, and an upscale level of hospitality offered for guests. A luxury resort in the Maldives is located in the North-Western tip of Male Atoll. Thus, it makes it a few minutes boat ride from the Male’ International Airport Maldives. Travellers can reach the peaceful yet adventurous juncture of this resort where exotic dining, powerful water sports, strolling on the beach and several other activities are all waiting out for you.

The choices of suites and villas here in this resort of Maldives are of a quintessential kind offering a maximum level of luxury and ocean view from every single direction. Maldives resort has an attractive contemporary style designed villas, suites, selection of restaurants, and other areas around. Come here to feel fascinated with the serene surroundings covered by lengthy rows of palm-fringed trees, white sandy beach, crystal clear blue water of the ocean, and of course, the luxurious atoll of Oblu Select at Sangeli Maldives Resort.

  • 6 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli  - Beach Villas & Deluxe Beach Pool Villas

Beach Villas & Deluxe Beach Pool Villas

Get astonished to have a refreshing and naturally abide lodging on the beach.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli  - 2 Bedroom Beach Pool Suites

Two Bedroom Beach Pool

Experience comfort of own kind finding enough space inside.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli  - Water Villas & Deluxe Overwater Pool Villas

Water Villa & Deluxe Overwater Villa

Feel flattered by the presence of endless ocean view and lodging right in front of Ocean.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli  - Honeymoon Select Ocean Villas

Honeymoon Select Ocean Villas

Ignite the power of romance while staying at the heavenly ocean villa.

Dining experience

The Courtyard that appears to be the main restaurant of OBLU Select at Sangeli Maldives promises to offer delectable set of Maldivian and other international cuisines. Find the refreshing dining setting with half open space given to mesmerizing view of the endless and beautiful ocean. Choose your own pick from the La Carte Menu and let the taste of delectable dishes go lost in mouth.

Two other varieties of restaurants are:

  • JUST GRILL - Fresh Seafood & Meat Grills
  • SIMPLY VEG - Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine
OBLU SELECT at Sangeli - Dining experience
OBLU SELECT at Sangeli - Beverages


Have a gala time the varied range of bar choices at this resort of Maldives. Make a pick from any international brand of drink and let the conversation over the same lasts long. Strong social connections are best to make here under the open setting of exotic ocean view.


The One Banyan Island situated Elena Spa & Wellness spa is a perfect place for rejuvenation and treatment. Choose from the wide variety of 6 double treatment rooms of spa areas to go under the soft and delicate hands of professional therapists. Yoga retreat and steam facilities are additions to feel the power of authentic and traditional treatment best given under the lap of maximum level of luxury and beauty.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli - Spa & Wellness


OBLU SELECT at Sangeli Maldives - Leisure, Recreation & Fitness

Leisure, Recreation & Fitness

OBLU Select at Sangeli Maldives is a single best paradise for fitness enthusiastic and nature lovers. Full fledged fitness room is there to stay fit on the vacation. The pool side areas of the resort are ideal to fully rejuvenate oneself under the fresh water. Other than this, various sets of day and nighttime activities are best to go under here at the resort.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli Maldives - Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling

Get under the skin of a professional diving and snorkelling expert here in Maldives. Explore the magnificent lives of the underwater species and see through the colourful shades of versatile coral reefs. Adventure and entertainment go hand in hand here in this Maldives report.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli Maldives - Watersports


A wide range of water sports activities including kayaking, speed boat tour, fishing, swimming and many others are ready to take on your adrenaline rush and pump up the whole pleasure of fun and entertainment. Choose your own water sports type here and perform the same under the guidance of an expert professional.

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