: Raa Atoll, Maldives | : 50 minutes by Private shuttle from Male Airport

Visit the extreme corner of the world in the midst of coastal beauty filled with ocean, extensive line of overwater villas, private sandy beaches, rich flora inside, and a celebrity-like accommodation experience. Visit the magnificently located Faarufushi Maldives resort on a private island away from any kind of disturbance, crowd, and hustles. Witness the pure experience of peace, sanctity, nature closeness, and a perfect blend of world-class luxury prevail all around. 

Faarufushi Maldives resort is the place to at least visit once in a lifetime. Set against the marvelous backdrop of the Indian Ocean having limitless turquoise water all around, the island is the perfect retreat for travelers looking for a honeymoon in the Maldives. Stay in your own villa or inside the lagoon lodging to seek unbeatable pleasure. 

The 5-star luxury resort in the Maldives is easily accessible from the Male International Airport by taking the adventurous scenic 50-min private shuttle or speedboat ride. No matter wherever you see on this island, you get to witness the grandeur of this Maldives resort. Spread across a vast area covers a white soft sandy beach in the middle of the island with lush greenery around. On top of that, you will not ignore the long line of overwater villas with each having private access to the ocean. The best thing is the overwater restaurant area with open-ended space under the warmth of Maldives sun and experiences the scenic view of the majestic ocean around. 

  • 5 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.


Faarufushi Maldives - Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow

Endless view of the sea sets the perfect mood of bliss here at the beach bungalow. Do not forget to create memories here.

Beach Front | 117 sqm | 10 Villas

Faarufushi Maldives - Beach Retreat With Pool

Beach Retreat With Pool

Beach beauty is just walking steps away from here. Stay inside like a true celebrity having your own pool area.

Private Pool | Beach Front | 192 sqm | 27 Villas

Faarufushi Maldives - Ocean Retreat With Pool

Ocean Retreat With Pool

Overwater area makes a perfect location to seek peace and elegance all around. Witness here the beauty that can only be found in Maldives.

Private Pool | Water Villa | 163 sqm | 39 Villas

Faarufushi Maldives - Ocean Suite With Pool

Ocean Suite With Pool

Luxury is certainly at your feet here. Sea the marvels of Indian Ocean and limitless beauty all around.

Private Pool | Overwater villa | 227 sqm | 3 Villas

Faarufushi Maldives - Island Residence With Pool

Island Residence With Pool

Island retreat is something most valuable and peaceful here in Maldives.

Private Pool | Beach Front | 331 sqm | 1 Villa

Wine & Dine

Faarufushi Maldives resort is a place full of blissful beauty and dazzling ocean view all around. Equally attention grabbing is the multiple dinning areas perfectly settled to steal your heart.

Faarufushi Maldives - IRU Restaurant


Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Experience the pure Maldivian style eating pleasure here at the IRU. Set under the perfect backdrop of lush greenery and coconut palm trees around, the place sets up a perfect moment of blissful pleasure.

Faarufushi Maldives - Sangu


Breakfast | Dinner

Pool deck at the front along with an open sitting space and specifically endless view of the sea sure to make you feel drop at here. Settle for something more in terms of tasting delectable dishes served by experienced chefs.

Faarufushi Maldives - Athiri Dining


Breakfast | Dinner

This beachside restaurant area sitting on the soft sandy beach sure to catch your attention at a first glance. Come here for a never experienced before dining pleasure and witness marvellous view of the Indian Ocean.

Faarufushi Maldives - Eclipse


Open 7 pm to 10 pm

Facing the dazzling view of the sea there lies the perfect ambience of Eclipse. Sit during the sunset hours and taste the pleasure of lip-smacking dishes.

Faarufushi Maldives - Boli


Open 5 pm until late

This is a sure shot marvel of this Maldives Resort. Sitting proudly in the middle of the ocean having limitless water all around sure to make you feel like sitting in the heaven.

Faarufushi Maldives - Unique Dining Experience


Since Maldives has an extravagant appeal for romantic travellers. Equally remarkable is the way of dining together with your table set bang on the beach. See the amazing coastal beauty around while enjoying the food and lovely company of your beloved partner.


Nika Spa is an extravagant zone of complete relaxation that sure to bring your senses go live. Come here for a tempting treatment in a traditional style under the backdrop of peaceful ambience around.

Faarufushi Maldives - Sap


Faarufushi Maldives is a land of adventurous activities. Keep the rush in full throttle to experience endless fun and amazement.

Faarufushi Maldives - Coral Nurseries


Get ready to go underwater to witness different yet magnificent life around. Specially created diving lessons are ready to charm you to the fullest and make you go in full swing underwater. Find here lessons for beginners to advance level.

Faarufushi Maldives - Water Sport


Sports activity here in Maldives sure to pump your adrenaline soul from inside. Get set for an adventurous wake boarding to fly high up the Indian Ocean. Jet ski, speed boat, parasailing, and so many other options are readily available for you.

Faarufushi Maldives - Renewal of Vows


How about getting hitched on the most extravagant location on planet earth that is bang on the beach? Surely speaking, you will find love spread in every single direction standing in front of your beloved partner and attend the wedding ceremony at the tropical paradise of Maldives.

Faarufushi Maldives - Excursions


Faarufushi Maldives is an excellent spot to witness variety of beauty around. Hop onto island discovering wonderful dolphins swimming in the sea. Head for a beach excursion and soak best under the coastal sun.

Faarufushi Maldives - Eat


Eating delight has of much significance here in Maldives. Sit at the ideal restaurant areas after performing the adventurous sports and fill up your appetite to the fullest.

Faarufushi Maldives - Gym


There is no such need to skip workout while on a holiday in Maldives. Seek for a power workout in a well-equipped gym area having all the latest equipment inside. Just be in shape while strolling around the amazing beaches.

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