: Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives | : 30 minute flight from Male International Airport

Kandima Maldives is surely a cost-effective tropical and nature retreat right here in Maldives. Only 30-minute seaplane ride from the Maldives International Airport, there lies the spacious, comfortable, luxurious, and  appealing resort. Featuring a total of 266 villas both on the beach and above the lagoon area ensure comfort and elegance to an optimum level. Travellers seeking for peace can undergo a magnificent spa treatment and stroll around the beach area. Even thrill seekers have their own choice water sports activities around. Additionally, ten different dining areas and bar offer delectable pleasure of meal and drinking that will be unforgettable for anyone.

  • 8 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas
  • Family Friendly
    A family holiday in Maldives can be fun with the right place to stay.


Kandima Maldives - Sky Studios

Sky Studios

Welcome to the world of utmost style & luxury

55 m2 | 138 Studios | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Beach Studios

Beach Studios

Stay right on the beach with having own style

55 m2 | 138 Studios | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Beach Villa with Jacuzzi

Beach Villa with Jacuzzi

Spacious and Jacuzzi equipped villa

97 m2 | 20 Villas | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Sunset Beach Pool Villa with Jacuzzi

Sunset Beach Pool Villa

Let the sun rays directly fall on the lodging

105 m2 | 29 Villas | Private Pool | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Sunrise Beach Pool Villa with Jacuzzi

Sunrise Beach Pool Villa

Have your own set of pool and personal space

105 m2 | 29 Villas | Private Pool | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Aqua Villa

Aqua Villa

Lagoon and Ocean are inseparable here

73 m2 | 30 Villas | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Aqua Villa with Jacuzzi

Aqua Villa with Jacuzzi

Stay over the lagoon with Jacuzzi in presence

73 m2 | 29 Villas | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Ocean Pool Villa

Ocean Pool Villa

Enjoy the uninterrupted view of the ocean

95 m2 | 18 Villas | Private Pool | Wi-Fi

Kandima Maldives - Honeymoon Aqua Pool Villa

Honeymoon Aqua Pool Villa

Specifically dedicated to honeymoon couples

2 Villas | Private Pool | Wi-Fi


Kandima Maldives best take of the tasting delicacies of travellers coming from different parts of the globe. Ideally choose from the ten available dining designated area. Either eat in group or try out as a couple specifically bang on the beach.

Kandima Maldives - Breeze Pool Bar

Breeze Pool Bar

Watch a clear beauty of sunset in front of your eyes while sitting at the Breeze Pool Bar. Just dip inside the fresh pool water while having your favoured choice of drink overlooking the beauty of Indian Ocean at the front. A complete saga of relaxation & entertainment, the bar holds special arrangement for dance, music night, DJ & more.

Kandima Maldives - Beach Club

Beach Club

Open: Daily, 10.00 - 18.00

This is a perfect place to hangout with your beloved partner. Dip inside the infinite pool area overlooking the appealing Indian Ocean and capture the moment of the bliss. Order for lip-smacking snacks and drinks to fulfil appetite as well.

Kandima Maldives - Deli


Open: Daily, 10.00 - 22.00

If you are looking for a more relaxed indoor and casual style dining setting, then Deli is the one to look for. Sit inside the dining area ordering favourable quick bites from the menu. Even home delivery can be call for inside your villa or studio lodging area.

Kandima Maldives - Azure


Lunch: 12.00-15.00 | Dinner: 19.00-22.00

Azure is both indoor and outdoor dinning area strategically located in front of a beach area. Come here to taste authentic Maldivian cuisines best served on the table.

Kandima Maldives - Aroma


Open: 12.00 - 16.00

Another extravagant dining option available at Kandima Maldives is Aroma. As the name itself implies, feel the aromatic presence of best prepared dishes.

Kandima Maldives - Smoked


Open for dinner: 19.00-22.00

An outdoor grilling area can be your evening delight under the starlit sky. Taste the best grill dishes of Maldives and of other international cuisines in the company of loved ones.

Kandima Maldives - Sea Dragon & Forbidden Bar

Sea Dragon & Forbidden Bar

Feel the presence of architectural beauty and mindset all around the dining area. Authentic Asian dishes is the main speciality of the eating place.

Kandima Maldives - Flavour or Zest

Flavour or Zest

Enjoy the local flavour of the quintessential Maldives or have an enjoyable pleasure of watching meals prepared right before your eyes.

Kandima Maldives - Destination Dining

Destination Dining

Kandima Maldives takes best care of romantic couples to rekindle the spirit of romance. Special set of beachside dining area is settled to create unforgettable memories.

Just Play

Kandima Maldives - Diving


If diving is what you have been looking for in Maldives, then Kandima Maldives offer the exuberant diving lessons from expert partner. Be it like an experienced or an amateur one, just dive deep down inside the ocean water and witness colourful beauty of coral reefs and fishes spread in wide direction.

Kandima Maldives - Snorkelling


Really on the edge of Kandima Maldives Resort here, you can have the greatest pleasure of snorkelling around and see what lies beneath the surface of crystal clear water. Expert trainers will teach how to perform the sport with perfection and balance.

Kandima Maldives - Kandiland


This is a dedicated area for little guests coming stay at Kandima Maldives. We are talking about kids and the area fully designed towards whole lot of gaming, slides, and water activities around. Fun and entertainment do not end here as the spacious outdoor zone is meant for children.

Kandima Maldives - Water Sports & Excursions

Water Sports & Excursions

Be a real aquaholic here in Maldives where you have a variety of thrilling water sports activities around. Simply satiate your desire of performing adrenaline pumping water sports in a perfectly matched environment of the Indian Ocean area.

Kandima Maldives - KULA Initiative

KULA Initiative

If having a natural talent to paint and colour, the participate in one and only Kula Initiative. Stand beside the appealing sea and be ready with your canvass to capture endless beauty around with own choice of shades.

Kandima Maldives - Sports Arena

Sports Arena

Activities on the land here in Maldives do not fall short. Be it like football, tennis, badminton, beach volleyball, swimming pool, fitness pavilion or any other sport has a separate designated area.

Kandima Maldives - Snap!


Do you believe that there would be a photoshoot area near the beachside? If not, then it is time to believe in it. Because Snap an indoor and outdoor photoshoot area is here to click magnificent snaps while coming here for a leisure vacation or for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Kandima Maldives - Fitness


If bodily fitness what appears in your mind first, then Kandima Maldives will take full care of it. In relation, a well-equipped 24x7 gym area is here to make your burn the fat inside and let the real energy dwell inside. Lift heavy weight or perform high-octane cardio session here as per your own choice.

Kandima Maldives - esKape Spa

esKape Spa

Feel detached from the hustle and bustle of city surroundings and lie down under the realm of authentic and award winning Eskape Spa. Property nestled near the tropical area around, the spa is an ideal retreat to get rid of all the aches.

Your dream wedding begins here

Kandima Maldives is here to let you repeat the memorable wedding vows or practice for the one in a stylish manner. Stand on the white sandy soft path of a beach with having fringed palm trees and crystal clear Indian Ocean’s water around to say I Do. Propose your loved one under the realm of magnificent natural beauty all around and make sure to get a positive response.

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