: North Ari Atoll, Maldives | : 25-minute sea plane transfer from Male International Airport.

W Maldives can your next best natural retreat, where luxury meets pristine environment and natural vibes around. Take an exotic seaplane ride from the Maldives International Airport to reach the extravagant surroundings of the Island. From the ultimate dining, drinking, water sports, private dining to chilling time on the beach, the resort offers something for everyone. Head for a secluded island hoping, undergo a rejuvenating spa treatment or renew the marriage vows at the elegant beachside wedding ceremony area.

  • 6 Rooms Types
  • Honeymoon
    Couples looking forward to have best ever honeymoon in Maldives should look forward to this tropical island finding beauty in every single sense.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Resort offer complimentary Wifi in all areas

Restaurants & Bars

W Retreat & Spa offers dining and drinking pleasure like nowhere else. Here you get a chance to taste some of the exotic Maldivian and international flavours in the outside surroundings of a beach area, jungle themed canopy style restaurant or simply under the home-sick style environment. Drink, dine, walk on the soft sandy path, and do everything to savour the best taste of the island.

W Maldives - Kitchen


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Feel the homely dining pleasure at the very synonymous KITCHEN. The overall setting is simple and heart-touching and tastes feel so good. Come here for a soul-satisfying eating pleasure.

W Maldives - Kada


Open for lunch and dinner

Set for a true Maldivian style cuisine sitting above the water deck and see the turquoise water all around. The space is for everyone looking to mix nature with lip-smacking eating pleasure.

W Maldives - Sip


Open for lunch and dinner

As the name implies, sip your favoured choice of drink sitting outside overlooking the ocean and its charm. Champagne, wine, cocktails, whatever you call for is available here.

W Maldives - Fire


Open for dinner

It is a perfect place where jungle meets-beach BBQ. Let the outside rustic surroundings of the place and soothing lighting light up your evening in Maldives.

W Maldives - Wet


Open for lunch

As the name itself implies, get wet and eat at the promising outside of infinity poolside location. Pizzas, light snacks, cocktails, and other tempting options are available for you.

W Maldives - Fish


Open for lunch and dinner

Set for a beachside outside dining experience. Taste the authentic seafood and grilled delights order at own request. Freshly picked fishes and naturally infused spices bring up the taste of meal to an optimum level.

Private Dining

Choose The Venue, We'll Do The Rest

Spend time together witnessing the ultimate pleasure of private dining. Let the dinner table be set on the soft sandy path overlooking the unparalleled beauty of the Indian Ocean where charming waves welcome you every now and then.

W Maldives - Spa


W Retreat & Spa Maldives welcomes travellers to the world of ultimate peace and relaxation. Drop at the extravagant AWAY Spa strategically located above a lagoon area giving your magical vibes to witness tropical lush around.

W Maldives - Fitness


Spending quality time at W Retreat & Spa Maldives is also about continuing your fitness regime. Step inside the state-of-the -art equipped fitness centre to feel the pump inside. The gym is fully equipped with latest weight lifting, cardio & other Machines.


W Maldives - WAVE


Finding adventure sports in Maldives has of no hassle for travellers. The exotic island is filled with turquoise water scenery, where a plethora of adrenaline pumping sports are best to perform. Feel the presence of thrill and excitement in mind.

W Maldives - Diving


If you are craving to witness marine life at close quarters, then make way for the Maldives island scuba diving experience. Simply float around the inner life of fishes and many water species and get to know about their natural habitat. The life underneath the water surface is simply amazing for you.

W Maldives - Snorkeling


Water activity like snorkelling is all about slowly and steadily treading into the life of water species. Set up for the same experience under the guidance of professional experts and dive deep down inside the Indian Ocean surface. Be it like a beginner or an advanced snorkelling, the sport is available for all.

W Maldives - Gaathafushi Private Island

Gaathafushi Private Island

Pristine island of Maldives is something not to miss here. Head for solitary retreat on to the Gaathfushi Private Island, where lies the untouched beauty and a plethora of vegetation around.

W Maldives - Escape


Get escape from the vices of busy city life and head towards the exotic land of water in the middle of the sea. Sail out loud in the broad daylight in the company of loved ones around.

W Maldives - Excursions


Outside excursions in Maldives is simply not to miss. Step up for a recreation activity, sailing, island hoping or simply sitting idle on the soft sandy path witnessing the beauty around.

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