Angsana Ihuru Island Resort Maldives

10 Jun 2020

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Angsana Ihuru Island Resort Maldives

Are you eagerly waiting for things go settle down and you plan a trip to dream destination?

If yes, then make way for breath-taking Maldives filled with unconditional beauty of beaches, islands, greenery, water sports, and more.

Make your first trip after quite time of staying home to the most quintessential place in the world i.e. Maldives.

Why travel to Maldives?

Maldives is a beach and island heaven for travellers spreading in different parts of the world.

If you like to go a place where there lies natural beauty of endless see, blue crystal water of ocean, lush greenery, luxurious resorts, fine dining, party zone, and pace, then #Maldives should be your first pick.

Maldives features hundreds of separate islands ideally visited either by seaplane or by high-speed boat. This means, you will have an extraordinary experience to travel to a leisure place having no roadways as everywhere there is calm water of the ocean.

Even drop at Maldives Airport located in the middle of the sea and witness the beauty that has never seen before.

Stay at luxurious Angsana Ihuru Island Resort Maldives

One of the best places to stay in Maldives is none other than Angsana Ihuru Island Resort. Strategically located around crystal blue water of ocean around with having serene sandy beaches, luxurious staying place, dining areas, and more.

The resort comes as ideal travel package to Maldives that you can include to experience stay of a lifetime. This particular resort offers a celebrity like staying pleasure having all the facilities including spacious rooms, well-equipped interiors, air condition, private pool, walking access to beach, sumptuous drinking & dining, water sports, and so on.

Stay at Beach front Villas

If you are finding the best place to stay in Maldives, then Beach front Villas of this resort is something that cannot be ignored.

Ideally located bang on the beach gives you easy access to white sandy beach to get warm up during day sun and stroll around in the evening hours.

Inside rooms you find all the modern amenities inside to experience a comfortable stay in company of loved ones around.

Just feel the cool breeze of the ocean 24x7 by staying inside or outside the villa and just watch the sunrise and sunset in a hassle-free manner.

Angsana Spa Ihuru

One of the best things to do in Maldives included in your Maldives tour package is to go under the healthy and soothing treatment of spa. Maldives is world famous for its natural spa treatment to get rid of any early pain or stiffness in the body.

The spa service here at the resort is available for all types of travellers looking to rejuvenate their senses. Just go under the enjoyable treatment under the supervision of expert massage professionals.

Water Sports Activity in Maldives

Angsana Ihuru Island Resort Maldives is also known to provide endless fun opportunities to adventure seekers. Multiple varieties of water sports are available to enjoy the leisure trip. Complete safety and precautionary measures are taken by safety experts here to make sure you perform sports with ease.

Here is a list of water sports activities available:

  • Kayaking
  • Banana Ride
  • Night Fishing
  • Diving for Kids
  • Dolphin Cruising
  • Kahan’bu Ride

And much more.

Simply make your booking for Maldives travel package and reserve your stay at Angsana Ihuru Maldives to experience leisure time of your life. Get in touch with "Maldives-Booking", a reliable travel partner to make all the bookings go smoothly and affordably.