Angsana Velavaru Luxury Beach Resort Maldives

24 Sep 2020

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Angsana Velavaru Luxury Beach Resort Maldives

Heading towards the world-famous beach destination Maldives is like adding a beautiful series of memories in life. The country surrounded with more than thousands of ocean front islands, white sandy beaches, luxury beach resorts, sumptuous cuisines, and more. All the more fantastic is staying at AngsanaVelavaru resort to experience world-class pleasure of luxury, comfort, & beauty.

AngsanaVelavaru is a family-friend resort in Maldives, best known for its beach front location, water villas, kilometres stretching sandy beach, 3 private restaurants, and a range of activities.

Beach villas of this luxury resort in Maldives feature upscale amenities and furnishings inside. The free Wi-fi facility allows travellers to stay connected with everyone in the world. Some of the villas even have a private jet pool to swim down at any point of time to feel refreshed from inside.

There is more to explore in terms of amenities, facilities, and things to do at AngsanaVelavaru luxury beach resort in Maldives.

So, stay connected to know some amazing details and book your stay in Maldives.

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