Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort Maldives

04 July 2020

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Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort Maldives

Planning to travel Maldives to experience the best luxurious holiday of your lifetime?

If yes, then book your stay at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort Maldives strategically located in the midst of quintessential Indian Ocean.

Take a magnificent and memorable seaplane ride from Maldives International Airport to resort and witness the tranquil and extravagant beauty of the endless sea and sparkling beauty all around.

Book your travel package to Maldives including the stay of Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort in the company of near and dear ones. The resort offers eye-catchy outlook located along with seaside giving endless pleasure of walking on soft sandy white powdery beach path.

Stroll around the beach go hand in hand with your beloved partner and witness the early sunrise and sunset to capture the moment with ease.


Luxurious Rooms at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort Maldives

Enjoy the stay at this resort offering a multitude of options for travellers coming from different parts of the globe.

  • Oceanview Pool Villa: As the name describes, this room type offers easy access to the beach. The magnificent persona of the villa offers early life experience where there is green vegetation and natural beauty all around. Relax inside fully air-conditioned environment of the room during daytime and sit outside looking at the endless limit of the sea.
  • Beachfront Pool Villa: Stay bang on the beach to experience limitless activities around. Dip in the cold waters of the sea, indulge in beach activities or remain relaxed on the white sandy path. Even the room offers celebrity like staying pleasure fully equipped with state of the architecture and facilities.
  • Spa Sanctuary Pool Villa: It’s incredible to have your own personal spa while staying in this tranquil Maldives resort. Witness luxurious pleasure like never before by staying in the lap of comfort along with receiving majestic spa treatment at any point of time.


Incredible Dining at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort Maldives

Simply book your tour package of Maldives including the stay in this marvellous resort. Fulfil the pleasure of savouring lip-smacking meals best prepared at different restaurant options for you.

  • Beach Dining: It’s just you and your loving partner sitting relaxed on the beach while having your own candlelight setting. It’s incredible to taste rich delicacies of Maldives while sitting bang on the beach with the special arrangement being made by the resort.
  • Ilaafathi: Give your morning rise a tasty affair by dropping at this restaurant offering incredible breakfast options. Again beach setting and amazing view of the endless sea will make your day.
  • In-villa Dining: A romantic platform for couples in front of the Indian Ocean is here to double the pleasure of romance.
  • Naiboli Bar: Stay relaxed looking at the ocean beauty while having your favourite drink in hands. The bar is open to all offering lip-smacking snacks, drinks, and other options.


Things to do in Maldives

There are endless activities to perform in Maldives especially at Banyan Tree VabbinFaru Resort.

  • Cruise Ride: Fully admire the beauty of the sea by riding in the middle of it. Hop on to the luxurious sunset cruise especially available at this resort just for you.
  • Diving: Dive down under the crystal clear water of Maldives and witness the beauty of amazing species around. Get complete support from diving experts available all the time for you.
  • Marina Lab: The very first of its own kind in Maldives, this activity allows travellers to find a plenty of marine species around.
  • Water Sports: Get indulged in adventurous water sports activities to feel the adrenaline rush. Diving, jet skii, surfing, etc are some of the options available for you.
  • Gym: Stay fit during a holiday in Maldives by entering inside the fitness centre. Just be in shape by using all the latest exercise machine.
  • Spa: Get under the rejuvenating experience of spa treatment. Get rid of all the bodyache and pain while receiving the majestic treatment from the experts.


Experience the pleasure of lifetime in Maldives, especially at Banyan Tree VabbinFaru Resort. Simply reach Maldives-Booking to reserve your stay at this resort and that too at competitive rates.