Maldives Resorts with India Food

11 Jun 2020

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Maldives Resorts with India Food

Maldives is a quintessential Oceanside heaven for travellers spreading all across the globe. The beach paradise calls for tourists all year around to it spectacular coastal life under the realm of complete luxury.

Come to Maldives-Booking your travel package at affordable rates to find breath-taking beauty all around. Feel the Oceanside breeze, walk on the white sandy path of different beaches, splash under the cool and crystalline water of the ocean, perform adventurous water sports, and taste the lip-smacking delicacies of Maldives.

Indian Meals at Maldives Resorts

There is a section of Maldives travellers having little craving for Indian delicacies look for several Indian restaurants. All that remarkable taste of mixed spices and the Indian touch grow your appetite to growth extent.

Different Maldives resorts with India Food that should be on the top of your travelling list. So, what are you waiting for, book your tour package to Maldives after going through this crucial list.

  • Amaya Kuda Rah Maldives Resort: Head up for this much-loved romantic tropical island resort in Maldives. The resort features spectacular beach villas having access to limitless water at ease. One of the profound things is the water villa located above water lagoons to experience beauty all around. Over here lies the Half Lime restaurant that serves gourmet Indian dishes for all the guests to satiate the hunger.
  • Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives: As the name itself suggests, get hideaway into unimaginable beauty of an Indian Ocean Island having a luxurious resort to experience optimum comfort. Luxury, peace, tranquillity, and beauty all lie here. Most importantly, it’s the Indian food served at the Samsara Asian Fusion restaurant of the resort that makes you stick with it. Sit back and relax on the wooden deck in an open area looking at marvellous beauty of the sea while having your favoured Indian meal.
  • JA Manafaru Maldives: This luxurious resort is just 70 minute seaplane ride away from the Maldives International Airport. Come here to celebrate love and affection in the company of your beloved partner. Turn your dream into reality by staying like a true celebrity inside a water lagoon villa finding ocean water all around. Not to miss is the White Orchid restaurant that serves mouth-watering Indian meals for guests of all types.
  • Sheraton Maldives: Another breath-taking Maldives resort that serves Indian food is this one. Masala Hut restaurant of the resort is most popular for its long list of Indian dishes for travellers to taste the soothing spices and see the nice presentation.
  • Sun Island Resort & Spa: Head up for this beach experiencing complete relaxation in any of the Beach Bungalow, Sun Villa, Sunset Villa or Water Bungalow. All the more spectacular is to drop at Southern Star restaurant of the resort that offers South Indian healthy dishes to delight all the guests around.

Choose your own Maldives resort that serve Indian food and experience a life-long memorable luxury trip.